Monday, 10 May 2010

The Mayor of Mesquite Chooses East London

Susan Holecheck, Mayor of Mesquite, visited London for the World Travel Market:

'I knew my trip only afforded one day for relaxation activities and I wonder how best to “feel” London. Well, the answer came with a visit to the Columbia Road flower market. I started out for the market around 9 a.m. A faint mist had started, but coming from a city in the United States where it only rains 3 inches a year, I found the moisture not intrusive, but rather welcoming. The cold penetrated my very existence and seemed to be daunting. But within minutes my body was more consumed by the sights and smells from the fabulous array of flowers and plants. The floral colors seemed brighter, the petals on the flowers more perfect, the green of the plants luminous. I wish I could have purchased all the bundles. Then there were the smiles on the vendors’ faces as they called out for purchase of their wares. I listened to the people as they spoke, I smelled the delicious aroma of a neighboring coffee shop, I saw retailers exhibiting their fashions. I was in London! The memory of those few hours walking the streets of the flower market is indelible. I would suggest that if you ever have an opportunity – let Columbia Road treat your senses.'