Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas Cards with Meaning

Do you, like me, question the point of sending cards at this time of year? Well, why not do something different? This year, I am making hand painted Hackney Homemade cards – for my family, friends and clients – but most importantly for a group of 32 people around the world who have been falsely imprisoned or tortured for their political beliefs. Amnesty International run a christmas card campaign every year, asking that you send a card with a friendly message. This can make a differenceSince the campaign, a 'slum' in Nairobi is not currently under threat from developer, for example. As well as whole communities, you can show concern and support for an Algerian journalist arrested on the way to buy food for his family, an 18 year old in Algeria shot by police who lost the use of his legs, and nine Nigerian women facing legal proceedings  for their involvement with a nine-year old girl raped and made pregnantA story that moves me is that of Patrick, a 14-year-old arrested in Nigeria who had his teeth pulled out by police. To date, Patrick has spent 24 years in prison for a crime he apparently did not commit. The headquarters of the UK arm of Amnesty moved to Hackney four years ago and Islington and Hackney Amnesty Group describes itself as 'one of the biggest, friendliest and most dynamic Amnesty groups in Hackney' Full details