Wednesday, 13 May 2009

In a Glaze

Saturday saw a trip to the much loved Ginger Pig ( – see my earlier blog for more details. We rather overdid it on the meat front, purchasing a whole chicken (as the butcher said to a girl asking for two breasts: 'we haven't got any, but we have a whole one, which includes legs and wings – much more economical'), a 3-kilo ham (apparently excessive for a household of two, but it did us for three dinners and two lunches) and four very meaty sausages (which we just scoffed with leeks and mash – delicious). I glazed the ham, which made me feel very Nigella Lawson, but actually the recipe was Oliver's: The marmalade goes very sugary and the ham just falls off the knife. I cant recommend it enough. We had it with coleslaw, also from Jamie  and new potatoes with mint.