Saturday, 9 May 2009

I love my milkman

Johnny Milko is my milkman (yes, I do believe that is his real name) and I love him for several reasons.  Did you even know it was possible to still get your milk delivered? I had no idea until a Hackney local told me. Now we never run out of milk (although if we have a midnight milk-binge, we live just a minute from a 24 hour shop). Milk delivery is the ultimate in recycling, as the bottles are actually re-used. It also means that our once fit-to-bursting recycling box now has room in it, instead of being full of those awful plastic bottles that take up so much room and are so bad for the environment. And, no, in case you are wondering, we have never had our milk stolen. Johnny Milko is a diamond geezer and a lovely man who really cares about his job. When we had the snow that brought London to a standstill earlier this year, Johnny was about the only delivery man who made it out. One of his customers made him a well deserved medal. Johnny is also very handsome, but unfortunately too modest to let me post his photograph here. I won't go on too much because my husband is always teasing me about my fondness for our milkman. If you live in Hackney, you may be lucky enough to get Johnny to deliver you full fat, skimmed or organic milk, as well as orange juice, free range eggs, and cat food. Give him a ring on 07946 281 889 or 0208 985 2021. Otherwise just type your postcode into