Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Shop

Now, I am not saying this is The Shop in my area (far left); that just happens to be its name. But this little treasure trove on a Brick Lane side street (just out of Hackney in Tower Hamlets) is pretty wonderful. Past purchases have included elbow length, tan leather '40s gloves (£8), a lilac mohair scarf (£10) and a cherry print vintage dress (£15). Have a rummage through the vintage linen tea towels (£3), beautifully printed with colourful, quintessential British subjects: birds, vegetables, squirrels and castles. There are neatly folded piles of brightly coloured bedspreads, curtains and tablecloths that you wish you'd nicked from your granny, and a pristine, lovingly chosen collection of shoes, clothes and handbags. The owner is a delightful woman (or you may get served by her equally affable son) who has a genuine love of vintage textiles and clothes, all sold for an incredibly reasonable price. You can't go wrong: no rip offs here.

The Shop: 3 Cheshire Street E2 6ED (off Brick Lane).
Tel: 0207 739 5631.
Open Tues–Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 9.30am–4.30pm.

Nearby are two of my other favourites. Labour and Wait (18 Cheshire St) and Vintage Heaven (on Colombia Road) both sell lovely things for the home.