Monday, 28 February 2011

Crêperie du Monde

This lovely little 'world' crêperie is the funkiest place on charming Chatsworth Road (Number 51, Hackney, London, E5) and certainly at the centre of my universe. It is just round the corner from my house, so I am often here on the squashy retro leather sofa in the window, working away on the wi-fi, writing up my travel features and earning myself a little Travel Money.
I spend it too, of course, on the delicious freshly made juices with mouthwatering combinations of spinach, ginger, pear and beetroot. The crêpes are the thing, though, whether with white, vegan or buckwheat flour. Their names are as imaginative as the decor, featuring distressed furniture, much of it reclaimed, tables made out of old wooden floorboards and empty vintage picture frames on the wall. I can recommend the Oriental Infusion with teriyaki chicken and green beans; my favourite though is the brunch classic of smoked salmon, scrambled egg, asparagus, hollandaise and salad. Sweeth-toothed crêpe lovers may want to go for an 'English Countryside', with apple cinnamon and fresh cream or the 'London Loves' combo of banana, caramel and ice cream. Are you one of those people who for some strange reason have a thing against crêpes? Why not try a Belgian waffle (with reduced prices for little ones) or a fluffy omelette – plain, cheese or with mixed herbs?

You may come across one or two young 'creatives' on their white apple macs, but this little spot is far away from the wannabes of London Fields and far from being pretentious – yet. A stray yummy mummy might wander in with their offspring, and you could see some bright young things having an impromptu brain storming at the big table at the back but, again, they don't spoil things. I normally order a cappuccino, served in a delicate china cup, but every now and then I get a 'Persian Pomegranate', a lovely, tart, blood red herbal tea in a white mug.