Friday, 19 March 2010

Sunday Lunch at The Chesham Arms

Sunday lunch at The Chesham Arms (5 Mehetabel Rd, Hackney, London, E9 6DU) is something of a ritual for me, and I don't have many of those. You know when menus say 'all the trimmings'? Well, in the case of The Chesham, its true. There is no need to agonise over whether to order roast beef because you'll get Yorkshire pudding, as all the roasts come with Yorkshire – as well as stuffing, three vegetables and both roast and mashed potatoes. Choose from beef, chicken, pork and nut roast (which the Chesham claims to be the best in Britain, or something, and isn't far off) – all for just £6.50. Join a happy local crowd watching football on Sunday, or now that summer is nearly here, sit in the large walled garden.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Buen Ayre

Argentinean steaks are the best in the world. That's a fact. Argentineans are not known for their bashfulness, but when they tell you this they are not just showing off. I have been meaning to write about this place for ages. Buen Ayre is good, really good. And I am not even much of a meat eater. I suggest you kick off with empanadas (kind of mini South American pasties) to share as you don't want to spoil your inevitably enormous main course. You can't go wrong with any of these which are basically lomo (fillet), churrasco (sirloin), or parrillada (mixed grill) – although I wouldn't bother with the vegetarian options. Don't forget to order chips for a side and a portion of delicious, spicy chimicurri sauce - here's the chef's recipe, should you be inspired to make it at home. Wash it all down with a beer from Cuba, Belgium, Peru, Spain, or stick to the Argentine theme and order a Quilmes beer or a smooth Malbec from the long and purely Argentinean wine list, perhaps followed by a trago (shot) of a South American spirit. Buen Ayre really is a little piece of Argentina in Broadway Market and, as they say themselves: 'the one and only' – there are no others. Just make sure you book and arrive hungry.