Sunday, 26 July 2009

Flower arrangements for free

These were supposed to be the table decorations for our Lunch in the street. I had 30 bottles loaned by
my lovely milkman which I had filled with sweet-smelling flowers – roses, daisies, jasmine, honeysuckle – from my garden Unfortunately, wind stopped play and the bottles remained safely under – rather on top of – the series of tables on the pavement all covered with pastel coloured table cloths and an amazing collection of home-cooked food (recipes to follow). I took the flower arrangements home, though, where they now grace my mantlepiece. If you are feeling the squeeze in these credit crunch times, and either have a garden or have a friend with one, fill up some washed bottles (jam jars will do too) for a pretty display that costs nothing. 


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Picnic in the Park

I love going out to eat as much as the next person – well, probably more. But when the sun is shining, why sit inside, especially if you live in London's greenest borough? I live within ten minutes cycling of Springfield Park, London Fields and Victoria Park, so on a fine day just pack up a picnic and set off for the great outdoors. If you really don't like to self cater, Springfield has the very decent hill-top Spark Cafe and Victoria Park the lovely, lakeside Pavilion


Lunch in the Street

Inspired by the nationwide initiative, The Big Lunch (, we are having a neighbourhood 'Lunch in the Street' on Sunday 19th July between 2pm and 6pm. Residents of Dunlace and Glenarm Roads are all invited, along with all our favourite shopkeepers on Chatsworth Road. Despite the name, the event will actually be on the pavement and in the courtyard of our lovely, local Bookshop, the Bookbox ( The idea is that we close the street next time as a trial run for the historic Chatsworth Market comeback which used to take place between the junctions of Dunlace and Blurton roads. Participants just bring food and anything to share – games, music, poems – anything really, and there will be the chance to take part in making a community mural. I have been making bunting – from old sheets and clothes bought in local fetes and charity shops and I am hoping that my husband will make buckets of his delicious champagne soup (secret recipe to follow).